3G Hiring Information

Role of Graduate Studies in the Hiring Process

The Office of Graduate Studies develops and administers University policy for KU Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA), Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), and Graduate Assistants (GA), or “3Gs” on the Lawrence Campus.   

While the Office of Graduate Studies does not have a direct role in the recruitment and onboarding of 3Gs, our office works closely with Human Resource Management, the SSCs, Schools, and the Provost’s Office to ensure the hiring process adheres to University policy and the GTA Memorandum of Agreement. This includes: 

    OGS Roles in the Hiring Process

    Best Practices

    Graduate studies provides guidance and best practices to support consistency of services, ensure compliance with policy related to 3G hiring, and promote an overall positive student experience with the hiring process. Our Teams site for graduate program staff and Directors of Graduate Study has significant resources for departments to aid in the hiring process and ensure offers of employment or other communications to students are consistent with policy and the MOA.

    GTA Training Compliance

    Graduate Studies works closely with the Center for teaching excellent and HRM to ensure that first-time GTAs complete all components of their mandatory training.

    Petitions for Exceptions

    Although select 3G petitions may be decided at the school level (e.g. GTA >.50 FTE, maintaining an appointment despite academic probation after first semester), the majority of petitions or requests for exceptions to a 3G hiring policy are considered by the Office of Graduate Studies’ Executive Council of Graduate Faculty (EC). A full list of petitions that require consideration by EC can be found on Graduate Studies governance page.

    Approval of New GA Positions

    Departments must receive approval from Graduate Studies to create a new GA position. To request approval, the supervisor from the hiring unit must submit the form below to provide the appointment details, position description, and explanation of how the appointment will further the professional and academic development of the graduate student.

    Teams Site/Resources

    Graduate program staff and Directors of Graduate Study are encouraged to access the OGS Resource Hub in Teams for: 

    • GTA/GRA/GA admission and funding letter templates 
    • GTA position description/expected duties templates 
    • Onboarding reminder communication templates 
    • 3G tracking spreadsheet templates 
    • General instructions and best practices for hiring units