GTA Specific Information

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

In addition to the eligibility requirements for all 3Gs, there are additional eligibility and employment requirements for GTAs based on the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the University of Kansas and the Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition (GTAC) at the Lawrence campus. This page provides an overview of these requirements. For additional detail, departments should consult the MOA directly.


KBOR Spoken English Competency Requirements

Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) policy requires all students who have self-identified as a non-native speaker of English to demonstrate spoken English competency before an offer of employment as a GTA may be made.

Follow the link below for details on KU's procedures for implementation of this policy on the University of Kansas Lawrence & Edwards campuses.

GTA Mandatory Training

All first time GTAs appointed on the Lawrence Campus must complete all components of the mandatory New GTA Orientation offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) or an approved alternative New GTA Orientation offered by their hiring department (see the list of units with approved alternative orientations below)  

Students are responsible for ensuring that all components of training by the CTE’s communicated deadlines to remain eligible for their GTA appointment.  

There are 3 Components of Required Training: 

CTE Required Training Components

New GTA Policy Tutorial

The goal of the Policy Tutorial is to introduce and familiarize new GTAs with KU policies and procedures as they relate to their duties as a GTA. The Policy Tutorial covers four broad topics: Privacy and Disability, Consenting Relationships and Sexual Harassment, Professional Expectations, and Academic Integrity.

CTE Conference

The goal of the CTE Conference is to introduce new GTAs to best practices and provide examples of excellence in teaching. The CTE Conference is comprised of two synchronous sessions and a series of asynchronous modules available through Canvas. To complete the conference, new GTAs should attend the two conference sessions, complete the two essential modules, and complete three breakout modules of their choice. See more details about the sessions and modules below.

Follow-up sessions

The goal of the Follow-up Session is to provide GTAs with an opportunity to discuss challenges they may be facing and to develop a plan to make any adjustments that might be needed to improve student learning

CTE Training Information & Dates


Students are responsible for ensuring that all components of training by the CTE’s communicated deadlines to remain eligible for their GTA appointment.  

The CTE's GTA page also provides a wealth of useful resources for GTAs to grow as instructors and work with students. 

Exempt Departments 

A select group of departments have an approved alternative orientation.  GTAs in these departments are exempt from the CTE Conference and the New GTA Follow-up Session. A complete list of exemptions are outlined below. Note that GTAs in these departments are still required to complete the online policy tutorial in Canvas. 

GTAs in the departments (below) must completePolicy TutorialCTE ConferenceOrientation in the hiring departmentCTE Follow-up Session
Communication StudiesYesNoYesNo
French, Francophone & Italian StudiesYesSpring onlyFall onlySpring only
GeologyYesSpring onlyFall onlySpring only
Physics & AstronomyYesNoYesNo



Performance Evaluation for GTAs

In order to mentor GTAs in the acquisition of instructional skills, the appointing department is required to provide each GTA with written performance evaluations. GTAs must be formally evaluated at least once each semester during their first year, and then once each academic year in subsequent years. 

Additional information about the required components of the evaluation, deadlines, and process for reporting the outcome is found in HRM’s Performance Evaluation for GTAs policy

GTA Return of Student Work

Departments must arrange to collect from GTAs any un-returned student work and store it in a central, department space (Article 5, Section 2b, p. 7). GTAs should return student work no later than thirty (30) days after the deadline for turning in course grades.