Chancellor's Doctoral Fellowship

Established in 2013 by Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, the Chancellor's Doctoral Fellowship support departments in the recruitment of the very best and most talented graduate students to study at the University of Kansas. This prestigious fellowship recognizes students who exemplify the Chancellor’s values for doctoral education, including academic excellence, research productivity, an ability to communicate the value of their research to a broad audience, and a vision for leadership within the Fellow’s field of study.


December 5, 2022 - January 25, 2023 at 11:59 PM CST


  • Recipients may be from any area of doctoral study in a program on the Lawrence or Edwards campus and the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences at the KU Medical Center campus. 
  • Recipients of the Fellowship will be selected through a nomination/application process early in the spring semester prior to the fall start of the student’s first academic year.
  • Students are qualified for nomination if they are applying to start their first year in a doctoral program. Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree at KU are eligible if they will be starting their doctoral program in fall 2023.
  • Fellows may be either domestic or international students.

Students funded by the Self Graduate Fellowship, University Graduate Fellowship, or the Bernadette Gray-Little Graduate Fellowship are not eligible. 

Award Details

The Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship provides selected Fellows with a yearly $32,550 stipend for four years, in addition to tuition, fees, and a 75% subsidy of the student health insurance plan premium. Awards are disbursed as 12-month GRA appointments at 0.50 FTE.  The Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship employs a cohort model, welcoming four new fellows each year. 

Nomination Process & Documents

Maximum 5 nominations per department.


  • To be considered for a Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship, a new applicant to KU must be nominated by a department as a candidate for the award.  Departments will identify their most competitive student who exemplifies the Chancellor’s values and work with the student to compile a nomination packet. 
  • To nominate a student please select the nominating information through Slate and complete the nomination form. Nomination instructions will be provided to departments prior to the opening of the nomination cycle.
  • The nomination for this award matches the nomination process for the Bernadette Gray-Little Graduate Fellowship. Individuals nominated will be reviewed for both the Bernadette Gray-Little Graduate Fellowship and the Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship.


The nomination must include the following:

  • The candidate's graduate application
  • A departmental letter of nomination that addresses:
    • the candidate's academic excellence and research productivity (publications, creative works, awards, scholarships, and funding will be highly valued) 
    • how the candidate shows their vision for their field of study and how they plan to use a doctoral education from KU to launch themselves into a leadership role in their field

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Documentation of academic excellence and research productivity
  • Clarity of vision for their field and leadership potential
  • Potential impact of research


  • Olivia Boroom, Speech Language Pathology

  • Megan Drovetta, Social Welfare

  • Jessina Emmert, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  • Mahnoosh Fazeli, Speech Language Hearing Sciences & Disorders

  • Abby Harders, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

  • Wun Lok, Music

  • Agnes Muyanga, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  • Katie (Kip) Perry, History

  • Sepideh Yadegar, Sociology