Graduate Faculty Appointments

About Graduate Faculty Appointments:

University faculty and other persons qualified by training and experience may be appointed as members of the Graduate Faculty at KU. Only members of the Graduate Faculty may participate on graduate exam committees. Graduate degree programs are responsible for nominating faculty to hold Graduate Faculty appointments and for ensuring compliance with all policies.

Please see the Graduate Faculty Policy link to the right for additional details on graduate faculty eligibility guidelines, nominations and privileges, chair and committee service privileges, serving as a GSR on committees, Emeritus/Emerita status, graduate faculty as students, and exclusions and special circumstances. 

Nominating a Faculty Member for a Graduate Faculty Appointment:

Nominations must be submitted using the Graduate Faculty Appointment form in the PtD system, which can be accessed in the myKU Portal. Nomination is not required for tenure track faculty except to request doctoral chairing privileges. If you have questions, email the Graduate Studies office at

* Please note that in some circumstances, GradFac nominations may be approved administratively by staff in the Office of Graduate Studies when they meet certain criteria.