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Graduate Studies at KU

Welcome to the Graduate Studies Faculty & Staff Website

This site provides faculty, directors of graduate study, as well as graduate coordinators and support staff with information, resources, and policy information and updates to support their students & programs. We also have a new Teams site that houses additional resources to support faculty and staff including information on PtD processing and procedures, program support tools, and policy guides. Please email to request access to the Teams site.

Our office also hosts a website that provides a variety of resources and funding information for graduate students. For more information, please visit our student-facing website.

Graduate Studies Organization

Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies provides services to all graduate students and graduate programs at KU, including support for professional development, academic affairs, scholarships, fellowships, and awards.

Office of Graduate Military Programs

The Office of Graduate Military Programs assists military service members in obtaining advanced civilian educational degrees and acts as the liaison between KU and the United States Armed Forces.

The Madison & Lila Self Graduate Programs

The Madison and Lila Self Graduate Programs provides financial support and professional development opportunities for promising graduate student leaders at The University of Kansas with the Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship and the Madison and Lila Self Memorial Scholarship.

Graduate Enrollment Management and Admissions

Supports graduate programs to recruit new students, reviews domestic and international applications for minimum university requirements, conducts international credential evaluations, and processes admissions. This unit is a part of Enrollment Management and is not a unit within Graduate Studies. For information on the support they provide or a listing of their staff please visit Enrollment Management.