Louise Byrd Graduate Educator Award

The Louise Byrd Graduate Educator Award was established to honor the memory of Louise Byrd, long-time Secretary of the Graduate School and of the Graduate Council. Louise Byrd was noted for her deep concern for the welfare of graduate students. Each year, in her memory, a faculty member who demonstrates the quality of concern for graduate students as scholars and individuals is presented this award.


October 9 - November 3, 2023 at 11:59 PM CDT


All members of the Graduate Faculty are eligible to receive this recognition. 


    Award Details

    Awardees are provided a cash prize of $1,000, highlighted in the Graduate Studies website and social media channels, as well as recognized at the annual Doctoral Hooding Ceremony.


      Nomination Process & Documents

      Graduate students and graduate faculty members are invited to submit a nomination for this award.

      Nominations must be submitted using an online form that can be accessed below. Nominators will receive a system confirmation indicating their nomination was successfully submitted upon completion.

      The following documents are required for the nomination.

      1. Letter of nomination
        • Clear evidence should be presented that the nominee’s concern for graduate students goes significantly beyond that of the average, but dedicated, members of the Graduate Faculty.
      2. Letter(s) of support
        • These may be written by colleagues and/or current or former students.
      3. Nominee's CV or resume

      Note: All documents should be uploaded as PDFs. 

      Selection Criteria

      Nominees will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

      • devotion to graduate students and their education
      • active scholarship in their field
      • proven record of continuing interest in the growth and success of graduate students, expressed through quality lectures, availability, psychological support, graduate research advising, and contact outside the classroom
      • impact on their students’ accomplishments as scholars and in the quality of professional appointments in their field

      Nominations are reviewed by a committee comprised of graduate faculty. While time is required to process award decisions, we aim to notify all nominees and nominators via email in December.

      Louise Byrd Graduate Educator Awardees

      • 2024: Giselle Anatol, English & Hyunjin Seo, Journalism and Mass Communications

      • 2023: Phillip Drake, English

      • 2022: Kim Warren, History

      • 2021: Florence DiGennaro Reed, Applied Behavioral Sciences

      • 2020: Audrey Lamb, Molecular Biosciences

      • 2019: Gregory Rudnick, Physics & Astronomy

      • 2018: Monica Biernat, Psychology

      • 2017: Mabel Rice, Child Language

      • 2016: Yo Jackson, Clinical Child Psychology

      • 2015: Paul Kelton, History | Sara Gregg, History

      • 2014: Eva M. Horn, Special Education | Victor S. Frost, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

      • 2013: Ann Schofield, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

      • 2012: Steven Barlow, Speech-Language-Hearing

      • 2011: Jennifer Laurence, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

      • 2010: Carl Luchies, Bioengineering

      • 2009: Paulyn Cartwright, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

      Byrd Nomination Form

      Nomination Period
      October 9 to November 3, 2023 at 11:59PM CDT
      Nominate Here