Louise Byrd Graduate Educator Award

The Louise Byrd Graduate Educator Award was established to honor the memory of Louise Byrd, long-time Secretary of the Graduate School and of the Graduate Council. Louise Byrd was noted for her deep concern for the welfare of graduate students. Each year, in her memory, a faculty member who demonstrates the quality of concern for graduate students as scholars and individuals is presented this award.


October 31 - December 9, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST


All members of the Graduate Faculty are eligible to receive this recognition. 


    Award Details

    Awardees are provided a cash prize of $1,000, highlighted in the Graduate Studies website and social media channels, as well as recognized at the annual Doctoral Hooding Ceremony.


      Nomination Process & Documents

      Graduate students and graduate faculty members are invited to submit a nomination for this award.

      Nominations must be submitted using an online form that can be accessed below. Nominators will receive a system confirmation indicating their nomination was successfully submitted upon completion.

      The following documents are required for the nomination.

      1. Letter of nomination

        • Clear evidence should be presented that the nominee’s concern for graduate students goes significantly beyond that of the average, but dedicated, members of the Graduate Faculty.
      2. Letter(s) of support
        • These may be written by colleagues and/or current or former students.
      3. Nominee's CV or resume

      Note: All documents should be uploaded as PDFs. 

      Selection Criteria

      Nominees will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

      • devotion to graduate students and their education
      • active scholarship in their field
      • proven record of continuing interest in the growth and success of graduate students, expressed through quality lectures, availability, psychological support, graduate research advising, and contact outside the classroom
      • impact on their students’ accomplishments as scholars and in the quality of professional appointments in their field

      Nominations are reviewed by a committee comprised of graduate faculty. While time is required to process award decisions, we aim to notify all nominees and nominators via email by late January.

      Louise Byrd Graduate Educator Awardees

      • 2022: Kim Warren, History

      • 2021: Florence DiGennaro Reed, Applied Behavioral Sciences

      • 2020: Audrey Lamb, Molecular Biosciences

      • 2019: Gregory Rudnick, Physics & Astronomy

      • 2018: Monica Biernat, Psychology

      • 2017: Mabel Rice, Child Language

      • 2016: Yo Jackson, Clinical Child Psychology

      • 2015: Paul Kelton, History | Sara Gregg, History

      • 2014: Eva M. Horn, Special Education | Victor S. Frost, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

      • 2013: Ann Schofield, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

      • 2012: Steven Barlow, Speech-Language-Hearing

      • 2011: Jennifer Laurence, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

      • 2010: Carl Luchies, Bioengineering

      • 2009: Paulyn Cartwright, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

      Byrd Nomination Form

      Nomination Period
      October 31 to December 9, 2022 at 11:59PM CST
      Nominate Here